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We’re a Melbourne based business, servicing all areas! We understand the importance and needs of today’s lifestyles in Melbourne, with a key focus on energy and cost reduction! We’re local and we’re here to offer you affordable solutions to your window tinting needs!

Why Tint?

A: There are different types of window film for every purpose! From reducing the amount of heat, glare and UV rays from coming in your windows to increasing the strength of the glass or adding decorative or frosted films for privacy, films can solve many problems and also add an element of design to your space!

Will safety and security films stop the glass from breaking?

A: No. When the glass is struck either accidentally or deliberately it will break. However, the broken glass will be held in place when window film is applied to the glass.

How does window tint reduce fading?

A. All of our window films block the majority of UV rays from coming through your glass, and UV rays are one of the leading causes of fading. Window film will reduce the fading on your furnishings and floorings helping to keep them looking newer for longer.

Can those outside see in?

A: Most tinted films will provide some level of daytime privacy, while at night-time and with interior lights on the privacy levels decrease. However, we offer a night-series range where you’ll enjoy clear views, day and night without skimping on privacy.

How should window film be cleaned?

The film can be cleaned with a damp cloth. For tougher dirt, use warm soapy water or a window cleaning product with a low ammonia content.