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Anti-Graffiti Films

The Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Films.

Our anti-graffiti films are the simple solution to graffiti & vandalism. They act as a sacrificial and invisible layer between the vandal and your own property.

Removal and replacement from anti-graffiti film once its been defaced is up to 7x cheaper than replacing damaged glass. Perfect for public spaces, elevators, escalators or glass benches, anti-graffiti film prevents scratching, grazing our even acid etching of your glass surfaces. Well suited for store fronts or businesses where the visual appeal and shop-front reputation is important.

Don’t let vandals damage your property, discover the simple solution that is our anti-graffiti film.

  • Protects glass from scratches and graffiti

  • Ideal for high traffic public areas

  • Saves time and money of replacing glass fittings/windows.